Daniel Eha and Matthew Cockcroft from Pure Pet Foods rejects investment for their dog food business on Dragon’s Den

Daniel Eha and Matthew Cockcroft from Pure Pet Foods reject investment from two dragons for their dog food business on Dragon’s Den.

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Daniel and Matthew came into the den seeking a £40,000 investment for 10% of their award winning pure dog foods business.

The duo specialises in producing dog food that contain natural goodness and nutrients found in raw and homemade food.

Their foods are made in a human grade food facility, where fresh and raw ingredients are prepared with a gentle method called dehydration. This process naturally preserves human quality foods, retaining their nutrients without the need for harsh cooking procedures.

The duo demonstrated their commitment and confidence in their product when Peter Jones requested that one of them should eat the dog food and tell him what it taste like. Matt stepped up to the plate and eat the dog food as requested.

In the end it was pet food investor Deborah Meaden who first offered them all of the Money they requested for 30% of the business. However, Kelly Hoppen delivered a rival offer for the full amount for 20% of the business. After a moment deliberation, Daniel and Matthew felt they could not give away so much of their business and decided to walk away from both offers of investment.

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