BBC rightdiet test identifies personalised diets on Horizons What’s The Right Diet for You?

BBC’s Horizons What’s The Right Diet for You? has made available a diet test that can identify a personalised diet plan for you.

In a three part series of a ground-breaking national experiment, Dr Chris Van Tulleken and clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron, together with Britain’s foremost nutrition and weight loss scientists from Oxford and Cambridge universities, put the latest theory to the test. They’ve selected 75 overweight volunteers from across the UK who will be put on personalised diets to explore three particular causes of overeating: genes, gut hormones, and emotion-related eating.

These causes are categorised as follows:

Feasters – produce less of a gut hormone which tells them when to stop eating so they don’t realise when they are full during meals.

Constant Cravers – have ‘hungry’ genes that increase their risk of obesity and can make them feel hungry all the time.

Emotional Eaters – eat in response to negative feelings, such as unhappiness or stress.

The volunteers are then allocated one of three tailored diets, designed to address the causes of their overeating and the scientists track their progress over three months.

However, if you have dieting needs, you can go online here and take a simple test to help decide which category you belong to.

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