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2011: David Hasselhoff thinks Marcus Collins was cool in rock week

david hasselhoff x factorX Factor hopeful Marcus Collins has admitted that he ‘enjoyed’ performing on last night’s rock themed show.
The Liverpudlian singer wowed the judges with his performance of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way.’

His performance also registerd with the Hoff who said on the ITV2 Xtra Factor:
“I like Marcus. I thought he was humble and it looks like he appreciates being out there. His dancing was great and you could feel that he is a cool guy, a nice guy. He wasn’t acting, he was himself.”

Collins admitted that he knew he had a lot to prove after last week’s disappointing Love and Heartbreak performance and explained:
“I don’t know if anyone was ready for me to do rock week this week, but I was ready deep down. It wasn’t something that I was expecting but I hope I stepped up to the plate and I’m going to do the same every week.”
He added:
“I enjoyed this week, it was a challenge, I wasn’t expecting rock week this week but I enjoyed myself and as I said, whatever the next week is I’ll do my best.”

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