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2011 Live Show 3: Janet Delvin her Celtic spin on ‘Sweet Child of mine’

janetdevlin week 3 songWe were pretty certain that rock week would cause Janet Delvin some difficulty; because we felt she did not have a rock voice.

However, the Northern Irish teenager admitted that this is her favourite genre of music – see how much we know – and so she was looking forward to the live show and in her VT she said that she doesn’t need to be as controversial and attention seeking as some other contestants but hopes that she shines enough in her performances to make up for it.

Tonight, sporting a red version of a Diana Ross hair style,   Janet put her own spin on the Guns N Roses classic track. Although we much prefer the original song, we must applaud her attempt to change the feel of the song. She started her  rendition with just her vocals and a harp, which was an interesting take on the song.

She looked a little strange in her goth inspired outfit with massive hair but she gave it a real Celtic edge which worked, but we have to agree with Tulisa, it was not rock.

Judges Comments:

Louis Walsh: Janet when I heard you were singing this I thought you were going to be so out of your comfort zone but you’re not. I loved the whole arrangement of the song and the thing about you is your voice, you have a very pure amazing voice.

Tulisa Contostavlos: Janet that is a massive rock song but for me that didn’t feel very rocky tonight, that’s not to say it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t rocky. I think that the vocals were great, but I didn’t get that rocky edge from you. I still haven’t seen you do that edgy uptempo performance and I think you are capable of it so I’d like to see you do it.

Kelly Roland: Janet I am so proud, you came out here with great personality and delivered a rock song and you killed it baby.

Gary Barlow: Janet that was simply beautiful and gorgeous, well done. I really like to see you moving around, it’s the first time we’ve seen you leave the mic stand. It was a great performance, well done.

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