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2011: Marcus Collins reveals a life of being black and gay

marcus collinsMarcus Collins is enjoying life as an X Factor star this year and no doubt wish it will continue for a long time to come, but speaking to The Mirror, Marcus revealed that growing up things were never this good.

He told the tabloid that when growing up he was often bullied because he was black and then, when the racism died off, he became the victim of homophobic thugs.

Speaking about his childhood, Marcus admitted that he was ‘beaten up’ on many occasions when he was younger, saying:

“There was only three people who were mixed race, so we stood out. It wasn’t just words, I was ­beaten up too.

“But as I have gotten older racism has become less of a problem as people have become more educated.”

However, when one problem disappeared, he was confronted with anther; Collins found himself attacked more regularly over his sexuality.

He added:

“There’s been a few low points, where it’s been horrible, difficult and awkward.”

Thankfully Marcus does have support and has been dating his current partner, David Heath, for the last four years. Speaking about the backing he has received from his loved ones, the singer went on:

“I’ve got a good close-knit family and we talk about everything. It’s definitely made me tougher. David and I are quite confident and people appreciate that.”

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