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2011: Songs Theme for The X Factor Live Shows Week 1

x factor themeThe X Factor live show kicks of this weekend and we can reveal that this week’s songs theme has chosen by the X Factor bosses is UK vs USA.

We are not entirely sure what it means, but it looks as though it covers a wide field, therefore the contestants will has a lot of songs to choose from. However, if it is to do with songs with US and UK in the title or verses, then it could be a narrow choice because we can’t think of too many songs that foot the bill.

The final 16 contestants will get just one song to persuade the public to pick up the phone and vote before lines close in Sunday night’s results show.

There is no doubt that the first show is the worst show for all the constants, because no one wants to be the first to go home. New group ‘The Risk’, is looking rather risky at this point because they have yet go perform together in front of a audience, after their mentor Tulisa switched their line up at the end of judges’ houses.

All-in-all the first live show will be a very interesting one this year as the three new judges do battle for the first time and the ‘BIG TWIST’ is revealed. It all kicks off 7:30PM on Saturday night.

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