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Fleur East It’s A Shame The X Factor 2014 Eighties week live show

Fleur East puts her spin on It’s A Shame by Monie Love on The X Factor 2014 Eighties week second live show.

Fleur has become the biggest surprise act on the show this year for the judges and is fast becoming one of the favourites to win the race.

Last weekend 26-year-old from East London, not only impressed with her performance, but she also drew admiration for her defined abs, with judge Mel B complimenting the singer for her toned muscles during her appraisal.

Fleur told Women’s Health that there are no quick fixes to look the way that she does – it’s all down to exercising regularly and eating well.

She said: ‘I normally hit the gym five times a week. I tend to do half an hour of cardio – on the treadmill or a spin class – then head for the weights. I do a lot of core work, obviously!’

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