X Factor Auditions

Kitten and the Hip brought a whole lot of crazy to the X Factor singing Shut Up and Dance

Kitten and the Hip auditioned for the X Factor earlier this summer and brought a whole lot of crazy to the auditions.

The duo from Brighton are Scarlett 28 and Ashley 53. They sang ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by K.A.T.H that made the judges paused for though not only with their singing, but also with the revelation that not only are they a couple but that they have a child together.

They confess: “We met writing songs in a studio, then everything else developed and a year on we were having a beautiful baby. Four years on I wouldn’t have it any other way,”

After delivering their very strange performance, Cheryl tells them: “I am not convinced you work together if I am completely honest. I think you (Kitten) are stunning, you’ve got something. There would be a lot of changes I would make.”

Simon adds: “It’s quite awkward this because you’re in a relationship, you’ve got a child together”!

In the end the panel had to tell the duo the absolute truth; Kitten has talent and Hip has none. On that basis the panel asked Kitten if she would be prepared to go it alone. Without a moment hesitation she said yes.

The judges therefore sent Kitten through to the next round with 4 yeses from the panel.

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