X Factor Auditions

Lydia Lucy impressed with The Way You Make Me Feel’ by Michael Jackson at The X Factor 2013 auditions and made it to bootcamp

Lyndia Lucy set out to make the Michael Jackson track  ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ her own at The X Factor arena auditions and succeeded.

lydia lucy the x factor

Before her performance she said:

“The room audition was so nerve wracking. Being in a girl band is a great opportunity but I want to do it on my own. I want to prove them wrong today. I’m stronger than they think I am. I hope I have what it takes to get through today.”

After her performance, the judges were clearly impressed and Lydia was treated to a standing ovation from audience too.

Nicole: Lydia, well where did you come from? You looked like you were having fun up there. You sang and you owned it. That brilliant.

Louis Walsh: Some people just walk out and own the stage, you did that today. It was a great audition.

Sharon: This was actually better than your first audition, you were confident, you have a great voice. It was a great audition.

Gary Barlow: That was fantastic, what a voice and a great song choice too.

Lydia won four yeses and a place at bootcamp.

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