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The X Factor 2011: Luke Lucas X Factor Audition

16-year-old Luke Lucas showed that he is a bit of a ladies man when he took to the stage at his X Factor audition. He simple has the hots for X Factor judge Tulisa, and this lover boy ends up with a kiss from her before he even sang a note. However, this young man is not all about the ladies, he has a hot singing voice also.

In front of a packed O2 Arena, the youngster delivered an excellent rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Who’s Loving You’ and had the audience standing on their feet!

Speaking to Dermot backstage, Luke says: “I’m more nervous to be singing in front of Tulisa, because I really like her. I am a really big N-Dubz fan and I love Tulisa, I have always loved her, I think she’s very pretty, I was about to say fit but very pretty and I’ve heard she’s single so I was going to try and get myself in there.

“I’m feeling very nervous, but excited at the same time. Tulisa looks beautiful, oh she looks gorgeous. I want to bring happiness to people, I’m just going to show them what I’ve got and hopefully Il just blow their socks off really.”

Going out on stage, Luke quickly turns on the charm, and – helped by a cheeky smile – gets a kiss from Tulisa.

Performance Summary

Age : 16.
Auditioned In : London.
Song Title : Who’s Loving You.
Recorded By : The Jackson 5.
Available From : Amazon.

Judges Comments

After his performance. Tulisa tells him: “I think you are absolutely adorable.
“I just want to squeeze his little cheeks off him, you are so cute, where did that voice come from?”
Louis adds: “You’re 16, you walked in, you owned the stage, you sang in tune, you’ve got the personality, you’ve got the likeability and you’ve got Tulisa.”
Offstage, Luke tells Dermot: “Tulisa kissed me! That was amazing, I think this might lead to a proposal.”

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