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2011: X Factor final voting figures revealed

x factor voting figuresThis series of The X Factor has been the closest ever, according to reports, with all of the final three having topped the vote in the past month.

Leaked X Factor voting percentages obtained by the Daily Star indicate that it will come down to the wire this evening.

Last night, Amelia was eliminated from the show after finishing in third place, despite topping the vote previously.

The last two acts in the competition – Little Mix and Marcus Collins – have also been at the top of the polls in recent weeks, however just 7% separated the entire final four in last weekend’s vote.

The newspaper claims that Little Mix were on top, narrowly ahead of Marcus Collins, who had led the week before that.

However, overall it was Janet Devlin who was the most popular constant on the show. She was in the number one spot 4 times:

week 1 – no public vote (Amelia, 2Shoes, Jonjo, James)
week 2 – Janet / The Risk (Nu Vibe)
week 3 – Janet / Johnny (Sami)
week 4 – Janet / Littlemix (Sophie)
week 5 – Janet / Marcus (The Risk/Johnny/Frankie)
week 6 – Amelia / Janet (Kitty)
week 7 – Littlemix / Misha B (Craig)
week 8 – Amelia / Littlemix (Janet)
week 9 – Littlemix / Marcus (Misha B)
Final pt. 1 – Littlemix / Marcus (Amelia).

Surveys have suggested that tonight’s final could well become a dead heat, while bookies are currently backing Little Mix to take the title.

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