The I-Insect Beatle bug was a big hit on The Apprentice but ended up on the losing team

i-insect beatle bug the apprenticeTeam Phoenix got a shock when they ended up losing the latest task on The apprentice even though they had a product that was a big hit with the kids.

Lord Sugar sent the two teams to Essex to test their nose for business, giving them £150 each to buy whatever they think will sell best to the Essex market. They had to use their profits to replenish their stock and the winning team is the one with the most assets left at the end of the day.

While Team Sterling headed by Nick, romped home to victory with their fake tan product. Team Phoenix headed by Jade, put their hopes on a new line of Beatle bugs called the i-Insect that flew off the shelves as the Essex kids could not get enough of them.

However, cutting their prices to increase sales proved costly as Phoenix ended up the losing team and Lord Sugar pointed the finger at Azhar Siddique and said those three words no apprentice candidates want to here: “You Are Fired”.

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