A good Fake Tan spray was the only way as it sealed the deal on The Apprentice In Essex

best Fake Tan on the apprentice 2012The Apprentice candidates found that the only way is fake tan
when it comes to selling to the people of Essex. But in the end it was only team Sterling that was sunning themselves with a win.

Lord Sugar sent the two teams to Essex to test their nose for business, giving them £150 each to buy whatever they think will sell best to the Essex market. They must use their profits to replenish their stock and the winning team is the one with the most assets left at the end of the day.

Technology entrepreneur Nick Holzherr is elected project manager of Team Sterling and takes the advice of team mates Jenna Whittingham and Ricky Martin that “Essex do love tan!”

And they prove right when they completely sold out the fake tan spray and are left with nothing to sell, as team members are despatched to try and stock up as quickly as possible.

Lord Sugar’s adviser Nick Hewer observes “the fake tan is shifting very rapidly… soon everybody in Essex will have one.”

With a little help from their sales of another Essex ladies favourite – Nail Wraps – Nick Holzherr and his team sailed to victory on the back of their fake tan sales in tonight’s task, leaving candidates in team Phoenix to the mercy of Lord Sugar. In the end their risky strategy of cutting the price of their Beatle bugs, led to the firing of Azhar Siddique.

essex nail warps