The Apprentice 2012 Candidates Luxury London House Location

the apprentice 2012 houseEach year we look forward to see where in London the Apprentice candidates will rest their tired heads after a gurgling encounter with Lord Sugar in the board room.

In the past they have been housed in the lap of luxury and this year is no different. The 16 pudding candidates all wanting to be Lord Sugar’s business partner and get their hands on his £250,000 investment, reportedly stayed in a luxuries townhouse in Bayswater .

The four-story townhouse is kitted out with all the comforts that a millionaire could afford in the center of London, but the furniture and fittings for the show are more Big Brother than Downton Abbey.

That said the candidates will be able to enjoy a first class Gym, Swimming Pool, Games Room and much more. See the pictures below:

The Apprentice 2012 Candidates:

  • tom gearing
  • Ricky Martin
  • Stephen Brady
  • Nick Holzherr
  • Michael Copp
  • Duane Bryan
  • Adam Corbally
  • Azhar Siddique
  • Maria O’Connor
  • Laura Hogg
  • Katie Wright
  • Jenna Whittingham
  • Jane McEvoy
  • Jade Nash
  • Gabrielle Omar
  • Bilyana Apostolova

apprentice house lounge

apprentice house lounge