The Apprentice 2012: Episode One kicks off tonight with Bilyana Apostolova showcasing her selling tactics

the apprentice 2012 episode 1

The Apprentice 2012 returns to our screens tonight, and in the first episode it starts off as ever with the Boys against the Girls, with the usual expected tension between the groups as always.

For their first task, Lord Sugar reveals that the candidates have to start a print business, buying blank products, designing and printing artwork and then selling them to the public.

On the girls team, one half of the group are sent on a two hour journey to London Zoo to flog T-shirts and mouse mats, but Bilyana Apostolova leaves her teammates unimpressed with her brash selling tactics.

See the spoiler clip from the show below:

The Apprentice 2012 Candidates:

  • tom gearing
  • Ricky Martin
  • Stephen Brady
  • Nick Holzherr
  • Michael Copp
  • Duane Bryan
  • Adam Corbally
  • Azhar Siddique
  • Maria O’Connor
  • Laura Hogg
  • Katie Wright
  • Jenna Whittingham
  • Jane McEvoy
  • Jade Nash
  • Gabrielle Omar
  • Bilyana Apostolova