Spanish Dancer Fernando Rivero So You Think You Can Dance UK Audition

Fernando Rivero

Bubbly Spanish gymnast Fernando Rivero stuns the So You Think You Can Dance judges with a heavily acrobatic routine in a style of contemporary dance to Beyonce’s Halo.

The 18 year old who choreographers hip hop dancing, mixes a little bit of bodypopping into his routine, but it’s his strength and gymnastic ability that causes the judges’ jaws to hit the ground.

 However, the judges expressed concern about the lack of dancing in his routine. But he did enough to make it through to the callbacks even though Louise and Nigel said he was not ready for the competition, but Arlene and Sisco supported him and send him through to the next stage.

At the callbacks Fernando – who represented Spain in the Gymnastics world championships in Glasgow – is paired with Sophie Cook and his performance impresses the judges enough to earn a golden ticket to Choreography camp.

Fernando Rivero
This is what the judges had to say about Fernando’s Audition:

Louise Redknapp: I’m going to start on the positive. You’re adorable. But there was only one or two dance moves I really saw in there. There was lots of grabbing, but it didn’t actually dance anywhere else in the routine for me. And I was desperate, because you’re adorable, but there wasn’t enough dancing in there for me. Sorry.

Nigel Lythgoe: I’ll jump straight in then and say I agree with Louise. I wanted to see much more. You’re a world champion, representing the world championships. I loved your tumbling, but I don’t think you’re ready for this programme yet.

Arlene Phillips: Nigel, he had rhythm, he had feeling, he had charm.

Sisco Gomez: I don’t agree with Nigel when he said you’re not ready for this season. I think you are. You’re a breath of fresh air. You are raw talent. I think you can definitely do it. I’d like you to prove Nigel wrong.
Fernando Rivero