Wolfgang’s mac ‘n’ cheese with sizzling steak recipe on This Morning

Wolfgang served up tasty mac ‘n’ cheese with sizzling steak with pasta on This Morning.

The ingredient for the Mac ‘n’ cheese are: 225g Macaroni Pasta, 75g Mozzarella, 75g Aged Cheddar, 600g Béchamel, 40g Heavy Cream, 10g Fleur De Sel, 120g Mozzarella (additional amount for recipe), Soft Butter, Panko Bread Crumbs and 50g aged Cheddar.

For the steak: 150 gram Filet Mignon (center barrel cut), 1 each Garlic, clove, smashed, 1 each Thyme, sprig and 30 gram Butter.

For the sauce: 3 g Shallots, fine chopped, 2 g Garlic, fined chopped, 4 g Dijon Mustard, 7 g Green peppercorns in brine, 15 g Dried Currants, rehydrated in port wine, 5 ml Heavy cream, 30ml Veal Demi Glaze, salt and black pepper.