Francesco Mazzei black cod recipe on Saturday Kitchen

Francesco Mazzei served up a tasty black cod with red onion jam and charred lettuce dish on Saturday Kitchen.

Franceso says: “Black cod has more fat than most fish so won’t dry out when grilled slowly as it is here.”

The ingredients for the black cod: 150ml liquorice liqueur, 2 tbsp honey, 100ml prosecco, ½ lemon, peel only (reserve the juice for dressing the lettuce), 5g chocolate mint leaves, chopped, 1 chilli, seeds removed, cut in half lengthways, 15g tarragon, 4 x 140g Alaskan black cod fillets and salt and freshly ground black pepper.

For the red onion jam: 500g red onion, chopped (about 6 onions), 125g caster sugar, 20g cooked beetroot, chopped and 50ml red wine vinegar.

To serve: 2 Little Gem lettuce, cut into quarters, 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and handful pea shoots.