Nigella Lawson potato and pepper bake recipe on Simply Nigella Christmas Special

Nigella Lawson served up tasty potato and pepper bake for the festive season on Simply Nigella Christmas Special.

Nigella says: “I never feel the need to apologize for using jars of chargrilled peppers, for while I don’t eat them just as they are, I find them the most useful ingredient. Just make sure that you are using peppers that are preserved in oil rather than brine. The potatoes don’t roast in this oil, so much as braise: they will crisp up in parts, but mostly just become softened and rich in the sweet peppery juices.”

The ingredients are: 2kg waxy maincrop potatoes, such as Cyprus, 2 x 290g jars chargrilled peppers in oil and 2 tbsp coriander seeds.