Nigella Lawson lemon pavlova with lemon curd recipe on Simply Nigella

Nigella Lawson make a delicious lemon pavlova with lemon curd and whipped cream on Simply Nigella.

Nigella says: “Ever since my first pav in ‘How To Eat’, I have been something of a pavaholic. For me, acidity is key. I never understood why anyone would pile sweet fruit on top of something that is essentially – and dreamily – a cross between a marshmallow and a meringue. I had the idea – yes, really – from the actor Michael Sheen. I saw him create a great pile of lemony pavs on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off, and it inspired me. Diolch Michael (if I may).”

The ingredients are: 6 free-range egg whites (feel free to use egg whites from a carton if wished), 375g caster sugar, 2½ tsp cornflour, 2 unwaxed lemons, 300ml double cream, 325g jar lemon curd and 50g flaked almonds, toasted.

The full recipe is available in Nigella’s book titled: Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food available from Amazon.