Got To Dance Series 2 Auditions Second Episode Week 1

Got To Dance
Show two of this year’s got to dance competition delivered some prising results in the judge’s vote that made us thing what planet are they on, particularly with their decision on the gingerbread man. However, on the whole we thought most of the acts featured were very entertaining.


This young dance crew erupted with an explosion of energy on Sunday night and wowed the judges with their performance.

With lots of personality and attitude Eruption delivered a frenzied, fun routine that saw them secure three gold stars from the judges.

Ashley Banjo describes it as “an eruption of energy”, and praises how far Jack Bradshaw has come since last year. View video.

Sean And Stacey

It is hard to believe that these two dancers have never danced in public before and were only formed as a duo five weeks before auditioning.
But self-professed “underdogs” Sean, 19, and 18-year-old Stacey found a big platform in Sky 1 Got To Dance to showcase their amazing talents after meeting at college and taking dance classes together.

Commenting on the duo’s relative inexperience, Sean said: “Realistically I don’t know how well we will do against performers who have been together for ten years when we have only been together for five weeks.”

From the moment they took to the stage, they deliver a wonderful contemporary routine. It’s expressive, romantic and graceful and had some of the audience in tears.

Theo Mckenzie-Hayton
6 year old split the judges after delivering what we can only describe as a memorable performance of a Michael Jackson routine.

Before his performance Theo said: “I like Michael Jackson when he was alive but when he died I was like, we need somebody here so then I took over”

His mother Claire explains where the interest came from – “He went to watch the Thriller stage show with his Dad, came home and within a week he was moon walking so I got the DVD and then it was hours and hours in front of the DVD”. View video.

The Gingerbread Man felt The Crunch

Street dancer, Mark Gordon, 18, from Doncaster started dancing two years ago and at first wasn’t naturally talented – “my grandma could dance better than me.”
Mark who can best be described as goofy and slightly geeky with great facial expressions, now believed he could win the Judges over with his “creative Hip Hop routine” in the self-styled character of the Gingerbread Man.
After his routine that we found highly entertaining that also got Davina dancing backstage, the judges with the exception of Ashley did not seem to get his act.
Shockingly he only got one gold star. Ashley compliments Mark’s showmanship and personality but despite an emotional appeal for Mark, and Ashley fighting his corner, neither Adam nor Kimberley changed their mind to allow Mark to go through to the next stage!
What an injustice! Ashley advised him to come back next year, but we thing he should head over to ITV and get onto Britain’s Got talent.