Got To Dance 2011: Eruption Dance Crew Exploded On Sunday Night

Eruption Dance Crew

This young dance crew erupted with an explosion of energy on Sunday night and wowed the judges with their performance.

With lots of personality and attitude Eruption delivered a frenzied, fun routine that saw them secure three gold stars from the judges.

Ashley Banjo describes it as “an eruption of energy”, and praises how far Jack Bradshaw has come since last year.

Jack Bradshaw auditioned for Got to Dance last year as a solo act but failed to make it through. After watching his audition, the leader of Eruption – a dance group in South Wales – offered him a scholarship to join them and Jack has returned this year with a group of 8 – 17 year olds from Port Talbot.

Speaking about his previous audition experience, Jack explains “Last year I think what went wrong for me was that I didn’t have much confidence but I have come back this year with a crew to prove to the Judges that we can do it”. Check out their perfromance below:

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