Got To Dance 2011: Sean and Stacey Wowed Got To Dance Judges

Sean and Stacey

It is hard to believe that these two dancers have never danced in public before and were only formed as a duo five weeks before auditioning.

But self-professed “underdogs” Sean, 19, and 18-year-old Stacey found a big platform in Sky 1 Got To Dance  to showcase their amazing talents after meeting at college and taking dance classes together.

Commenting on the duo’s relative inexperience, Sean said: “Realistically I don’t know how well we will do against performers who have been together for ten years when we have only been together for five weeks.”

He added: “We are the underdogs of the competition but hopefully the underdogs win!”

From the moment they took to the stage, they deliver a wonderful contemporary routine. It’s expressive, romantic and graceful and had some of the audience in tears.

They received three gold stars from the judges – Adam Garcia said that Sean was powerful dancer and Kimberley said she loved everything about it. The word perfect is thrown about like confetti. Adam later confides that he almost cried too.