Frances Quinn Biscuit beach showstopping baking recipe on This Morning

Frances Quinn make biscuit beach dessert to mark the return of The Great British Bake Off on This Morning.

The ingredients for the sandcastle: 300g slightly salted butter, 750g of biscuits pulsed in a food processor to resemble sand. Reserve extra for the surrounding sand and Oil, for greasing.

For the Vanilla icing: 500g full-fat cream cheese, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 200g icing sugar and 300ml pot double cream.

For the cone cakes: 10 waffle cones, 100g slightly salted butter, softened, 100g golden caster sugar, 100g self raising flour, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 eggs, beaten, 4 chocolate Flakes, cut down to size, 150g strawberries or blueberries and Hundreds and thousands, to decorate.

For the sand: 500g assorted biscuits and Ice cream, to serve (optional).