The X Factor: Matt Cardle Sailed Through To the X Finals Despite His Illness

Matt CardleMatt Cardle did a great job on Saturday night to book his place in the X Factor live Final despite still suffering from flu and a throat infection.

The singer was visible ill on the night but had to perform two songs in an attempt to impress the judges and the voting public.

Matt performed ‘You’ve Got the Love by Florence + The Machine’ and ‘She’s Always a Woman by Fyfe Dangerfield’,  but the perfectionist former painter and decorator was not pleased with his performances. After the show he said: ‘It was my worst performance ever I admit it but I will do better next time I promise’.

Matt was not alone in that view, Simon Cowell was not impressed either and was totally unsympathetic to Matt’s physical condition. After Matt’s performance of ‘Always a Women’, Simon told Matt: ‘Unfortunately this was your worst song’.

From our point of view, Matt is always good even when he is poorly. We enjoyed his performance on Saturday and feel he was too hard on himself, but that speaks volumes about the man. We thing his place in the finals is well deserved.

Here is what the judges had to say about Matt on Saturday plus Matt’s performance videos:

She’s Always A Woman:

LOUIS WALSH: You are so going through to the finals because every week you deliver. You haven’t had one bad performance. That was a brilliant son choice Dannii, you are in the final!

CHERYL COLE: I could see by the look on your face that you feel so ill I can see it in you. But if there is any reassurance I can give you, you’ve done all the weeks now, everybody loves you and I hope I see you in the final.

SIMON COWELL: You’ve got all the support and the capabilities and unfortunately for me tonight, this for me was your worst song. It’s exactly what you’re not, you’re not that safe kind of artist, you shouldn’t be singing a song like that which you can’t put your stamp on. I think it was a safe option and I’m not a fan of the song.

DANNII MINOGUE: I think that’s what we call tactics Mr Cowell! I think that what we;’ve done is to go with your strength tonight. Even without the cold and flu that you’ve had this week that is an incredibly hard song to sing. The notes are so high and you couldn’t have given it more than that.

You’ve Go The Love:

LOUIS WALSH: Who would have thought you were sick? You are a true professional, you’re consistent every week, consistently good! I think you can win the competition I really do.

DANNII MINOGUE: You’ve got the love, thank you for not letting me down and I know that you were so worried about that performance and it’s been a real struggle to get up there. Thank you that was brilliant!

CHERYL COLE: I love the fact that you just came out and sang because sometimes as an artist you’re going to get sick. But the fact that you came out here and still delivered a great performance is a true testament to what you can do.

SIMON COWELL: Look forget about the fact that you had flu, because I don’t think anybody cares. It was a brilliant choice of song and I like the fact that you were on flavour on it. Can I mention that I had a cold this week as well. Having got to know you over the past week, I want to vouch for the fact that you are a very sincere, cool contestant!