The X Factor: Cher Lloyd Made It Through To The X Factor Final But Only Just

Cher LloydCher Lloyd made it through to The X Factor final but only after being saved by the judges in Sunday night’s sing off.

Cher found herself in the bottom two alongside Mary Bryne who was voted off the show. Cher gave an emotional performance of Britney Spears ‘Everytime’ that impressed the judges enough to see her through to the finals.

It was surprising to see a sing off at the semi finals stage of the competition. It has never happened before, usually the act that polled the lowest public vote is sent home at this stage. The sudden  change as led many people to question whether or not it was bought about to ensure that the judges got the final line up that they wish to see rather than what the public would like to see.

From our point of view, we think Cher deserves to be in the finals not because of her singing – Mary is a much better singer – but with Cher you are guaranteed to get a performance that we feel ads a bit of spectacle to the show.

On Saturday night, Cher performed ‘Nothin On You’  by B.o.B and ‘Love The Way You Lie’ by Eminem and Rihanna. This is what the judges had to say about her performances:

Nothin’ On You:

LOUIS WALSH: Cher you’ve come a really long way in the competitive., I love the song choice, loved that staging and loved your styling. It was a great choice, I can’t see anything wrong with it at all.

DANNII MINOGUE: Cher at this point in time it’s been the most incredible journey for you. I have given you my honest judgement, I don’t think you’ve hit the mark every time but you are so watchable there’s something about you. That song for me, I’m not sure showed the best of your vocals because you know that I always say you can sing very well but you’re a great performer and that it did show.

CHERYL COLE: There is a lot of confusion about you out there because your performance has a lot of attitude. It is stage presence but backstage you are a 17 year old girl with a dream and fears like everybody else. I know that you’re scared and tonight means a lot to you but I would love to see you in that final.

SIMON COWELL: I’ve got to say that ever since the disaster of Beatles week you have come back really strong. What I admire about you is that you are fearless. You’ve had some stick this week, I’m always going to stand up for you as a person because you’ve been fantastic to work with and what I am hoping Cher is, after everything you’ve gone through, I think if you didn’t make the final after everything that you’ve done it would be a travesty.

Love The Way You Lie:

LOUIS WALSH: A really clever song choice, you sang really well and if we’re looking for a new contemporary pop star it has to be you. I loved everything about it.

DANNII MINOGUE: It was such a tricky song choice tonight. The rapping was great and with the singing you hit your stride at the end of the song. I would have liked to hear you sing a ballad to get you through to the final.

CHERYL COLE: We’re not competing it was about showing what kind of an artist you’re going to be I just hope to God that people see what I see.

SIMON COWELL: It was a risk taking on Eminem and Rihanna but for me it worked. Again, I don’t think that you’ve sold out. You’ve stuck to the type of music that you believe in and are passionate about. There weren’t really any gimmicks, other than the fire and I liked the fact that it was you, raw, doing what you do best. I’m a huge fan, you know that.