The X Factor: One Direction Sailed Thought To The X Factor Semi Finals

One Direction made it through to The X Factor semi finals last night thanks in part to Harry Styles song choice.

 One Direction

Last week the One Direction boys had to choose their own songs to perform on Saturday because mentor Simon Cowell jetted off to New York to pick up an award.

On the night the boys sang two songs: Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams and You Are So Beautiful To Me by Joe Cocker. Harry Styles was credited for selecting the Bryan Adams number, he said on the ITV2 Xtra Factor: “I selected this song because it was the first song I had ever performed with my band”.

We think it was a very smart song choice by Harry, and the boys performance did it justice. However, we do agree with Dannii Minogue that their hormones still need a bit more improvement. But I am sure Simon Cowell knows this and behind the scenes he will be working to put it right. On The night Simon said the boys performances made him very proud.

This is what the judges had to say about their performances:

Summer of 69 Comments:

Louis Walsh: Loved the choice of song, the vibe and the vitality you bring to the competition. I think you’re the next big boyband.

Dannii Minogue: It seems like you’ve done a lot of work this week and you’ve really stepped it up.

Cheryl Cole: We’ve got feet stamps going on, there’s electric in the room. you keep growing and getting better and better. I think there’s a big future for you.

Simon Cowell: I had nothing to do with this song choice, Harry chose the song. Let’s remember, next week is the semi final, you’ve worked your butts off to get here. Lets hope people pick up the phone.

You Are So Beautiful Comments:

Louis Walsh: You’ve proved tonight you’re not just another boyband. You’re a great vocal group and you’ve proved that you can all sing. My only thing about it is…..I don’t think it’s a rock song. I don’t really think it’s in the rules but it was a brilliant song.

Dannii Minogue: Guys there’s one word for that and that’s stunning. Absolutely beautiful..

Cheryl Cole: It’s great to see you having fun and all the dancers but I absolutely love you standing there and just singing. You have a really bright future as a boyband.

Simon Cowell: Joe Cocker actually was a rock singer Louis… some homework. This was, in some ways, my favourite performance by you because it was beautifully sung and Zayn in particular in bootcamp you were too embarrassed to dance and you’ve transformed your confidence and the boys have looked after you. I’m so proud of you.