The X Factor: Lloyd Daniels to Release debut Album Under The Management of Voice Over Man

Lloyd Daniels

Last year’s X Factor finalist Lloyd Daniels is currently working on his debut album and single that are expected to be released early next year.

Daniels, who was mentored by Cherly Cole on last year’s show, is showing some loyalty to his old mentor by supporting one of her girls to win the show this year.

In a recent interview he revealed that Cher Lloyd is his favourite contestant in this years show. He said: “Cher is different; anyone who could take a song that nobody really knew and get so many people to download it, is a pop star in my eyes”.

Daniels also revealed he is a fan of Wagner, he said: I enjoy watching him, he his really good. He hasn’t got a great voice but he is a performer, he gets out on that stage and really enjoys himself, that’s what it is all about.

Daniels, who is currently being managed by The X Factor voice over man Peter Dickson, said his new single will carry an R&B dance sound that may surprise some people.