Andrew Turner peanut butter monkey nuts with chocolate sauce recipe on Saturday Kitchen

Andrew Turner serves up peanut butter monkey nuts with chocolate sauce on Saturday Kitchen.

The ingredients are:

For the strawberry jam: 390g strawberries, preferably Gariguette, wiped clean with a cloth, hulled, 340g granulated white sugar, ½ lime, juice only and 4g jam pectin.

For the silicone mat: 1.5kgz silicone, 52g blue reactive agent and 50 monkey nuts.

For the peanut filling: 450g unsalted peanuts, cleaned, 1½ tsp honey, preferably Acacia, 1 tsp pink Himalayan salt and 1½ tbsp peanut oil.

For the sugar powder dip: 50g icing sugar and 5g cardamom pods, seeds removed.

For the chocolate sauce: 140g/5oz granulated sugar, 125ml double cream and 50g good quality dark chocolate, broken into small pieces.

For the sugar coating: 250g mannitol.