Phil Vickery Four-layered turkey schnitzel recipe on This Morning

Phil Vickery serves up four-layered turkey schnitzel with honey mustard mayo and Swiss cheese sandwich for lunch on This Morning.

The ingredients are:

4 x 75-85g slices turkey breast, 1 medium egg beaten, 2 tbsp flour, 150g Panko breadcrumbs, 4 tbsp any oil, 8 slices malted/kibbled bread, 8 slices large white sandwich loaf, 8 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp American mustard, 2 tbsp finely chopped gherkins, 2 tsp sugar, 4 tbsp any vinegar, 1 small red onion finely cut into rings, 8 slices Swiss cheese, 200g smoked shaved turkey ham, 8 leaves Cos or Roamaine lettuce and 2 beef tomatoes.