Shelina Permalloo banana and caramel pudding recipe on Lorraine

Shelina Permalloo make banana and caramel pudding for a taste of Mauritius on Lorraine.

The ingredients are: 4 ripe bananas, 200ml carnation caramel (the tinned caramel – half of 1 tin), 200ml 0% Greek Yoghurt, 1tbsp vanilla pod and 1tbsp icing sugar.

To prepare the dessert, pre heat the oven to 200 degrees.

Make a slit in 4 ripe bananas and dot a few small spoons of caramel into each banana then put each banana into a sheet of foil and wrap it up into a parcel.

Bake in the oven and cook for 25 minutes and mix together the yogurt, icing sugar and vanilla bean paste and set aside.

Remove the banana from the oven and serve in the foil and dot over spoonfuls of the yogurt mixture and serve.