The X Factor: One Direction Pulled Off a Beatles Classic

The newest boyband on the block One Direction pulled off another entertaining performance on Saturday night singing Lennon and McCartney’s  ‘All You Need Is Love’

 One Direction

Admittedly when we first saw the song Simon had chosen from them, we were not impressed. We thought he could have done much better and we also thought the boys would not be able to pull it off, but in our view they did. Yes, the vocals were not all their and there were one or two tuning issues, but given the type of song that it is, we felt they did a pretty good job (see their video below).

This is what the judges said abut their performance:

Louis Walsh: I loved the arrangement of the song and it’s great to see the fab five singing the fab four. You’ve lifted your game and I think you’re in it for the long haul.

Dannii Minogue: Another fantastic performance. I’ve always given you good comments, I just have to say tonight you guys were struggling on the backing vocals and you didn’t know when you were coming in or out. Don’t let the other guys down, if you’re going to work as a group, you have to work as a group.

Cheryl Cole: That was another great performance from you.

Simon Cowell Guys, as always, worked hard, delivered a fantastic new version of an old song. Please don’t think these guys are safe….please vote!

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