The X Factor 2010: Cheryl Cole Confronts Wagner About His Press Comments On Live TV


Cheryl Cole surprisingly confronted Wagner live on the X Factor about comments he had made about her in the press. The 54-year-old Brazilian allegedly blasted the Geordie judge – saying she was just a “council house estate girl who got lucky”.

On Saturday night’s show Cheryl reacted to Wagner’s comments, saying she was proud of her council estate roots (read their exchange below).

Judges Comments:

Dannii Minogue: I’m not going to talk about the singing on this one. I don’t know what else to say.

Cheryl Cole: I don’t normally have anything constructive to say to you Wagner but I believe you made some comments this week about me being from a council estate, yes I’m very proud of my roots and I’m very lucky but don’t focus on anybody else and how lucky I am, just think about how lucky you are to be on that stage tonight.

Wagner responded: Please don’t believe what the press say!

Simon Cowell: I think I’ve got to try and judge this as if it was the first time I’d ever seen the show. In the real world, which I know this isn’t it was the worst version of a Beatle song I have ever heard in my life. Are you taking this seriously? Do you think you can win?

Wagner responded: I am! I never thought of winning, all I wanted was an opportunity in show business.

Louis Walsh: Every week he comes out and he gives it his best. You have a big fan base out there, you don’t give him any credit at all girls. I hope people vote for you Wagner because if you end up in the bottom two, the three witches of Eastwick here will vote you off!

Wagner Responding To Cheryl: I want to say something to Cheryl, I didn’t know the guy was journalist and when he asked me what I thought about Cheryl I said:

Cheryl is a role model for young people of this nation. I believe she lived in a council estate and so many people who live there don’t believe they can achieve a better standard of living but because you are incredibly talented, beautiful and have the manners of a Princess, you are now the most famous woman in the country.