The X Factor: Mary Byran Is Back In The Game

Mary Bryan is definitely back in the game – as Simon would say – after a disappointing performance last week.

Mary Byran

Mary sang Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” which was a song choice that really suited her style of singing. She looked much more like her old self, confident with great stage presence and looked as though she was enjoying the X Factor experience once again.

This is what the judges had to say about her performance:

Dannii Minogue : You are definitely getting your mojo back tonight. I think you have had an incredible week. Parts of that were a bit shaky on the tuning for me. The end note was spectacular and you could feel that in the room.

Cheryl Cole : You know how I know you’re back Mary? Because you can feel it in the room again. It wasn’t very nice to see you last week but it’s nice that you have that twinkle back in your eyes.

Simon Cowell : Under normal circumstances Mary I wouldn’t like a version of the song like that. It was a little pub singerish but because you have a heart, it worked. The final note was sang very well.

Louis Walsh : The only thing that was shaky about it was your nerves, you were bang on tune!

See Mary’s Performance below: