The Waiting Game is Finally Over For Harry Styles Of One Direction

Harry Styles finally got to show off his vocals again for One Direction after a very long wait.

Harry Styles

We last saw Harry taking a prolonged lead role in a performance at judge’s houses. Every since then it seem that Simon Cowell prefers the voices of Liam Payne supported by Zain Malik on One Direction X Factor performances. Not that we are complaining, we think both boys have been doing a very good job, but for us Harry is the Man.

In our view Harry’s performance style is much more developed than the other members of the band and we also find his vocals quite refreshing. We feel Liam and Zain have carried the band for too long, it’s time for someone else to step up to the plate and that someone has got to be Harry Styles.

Here is what the judges had to say about their performance on Saturday:

Louis Walsh: After that performance, you are only going in one direction and that direction is the final. I really got to know you yesterday, you are taking this really seriously and you could be the next big boyband.

Dannii Minogue: Guys you are so consistent, it’s scary. That song could have been really boring but it was great. You could sing that song at your concert, because I’m sure you’ll be doing one, one day.

Cheryl Cole: You definitely are headed in the right direction.

Simon Cowell: I want to say something; this is the first time in all the years of X Factor where I genuinely believe a group are going to win this competition. That was so impressive, you’ve remained focused, you’ve been nice to the crew, to the fans and most importantly everything tonight, from your choice of song to what you wore was all down to you. Congratulations.