Nigel Barden monkfish with chilli sea salt and coriander recipe on Radio 2 Drivetime

Nigel Barden serves up monkfish with chilli sea salt, lime and coriander on Radio 2 Drivetime with Simon Mayo.

Nigel says: “The chilli and lime add a real freshness to this dish – it’s lovely and light, perfect with a crispy green salad.”

The ingredients are: 400g fresh monkfish, 1 tsp chilli sea salt, rapeseed oil, zest of 1 lime, a handful of fresh chopped coriander and milled black pepper.

To prepare the dish, cut the monkfish into four equal pieces then sear in the rapeseed oil in a hot pan and then transfer to a 180C oven for 6 mins roasting.

Remove from the oven and allow to rest before slicing.

Place onto a plate and add the chopped coriander, milled pepper and lime zest.

Finish with a sprinkling of Chilli Sea Salt.

Nigel serves his monkfish with a side dish of cauliflower and peas with chilli and coriander.