The X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson Stole The Show Along With Matt On Saturday Night

Rebecca Ferguson showed her class once again by putting in one of the best performances on The X Factor on Saturday night.

 Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca along with Matt Cardle impressed the judges so much that Simon Cowell dubbed the show ‘The Matt and Rebecca show’.

Once again Rebecca let loose those classic note perfect tones on a song that was so well suited to her voice – some credit has got to go to Cheryl Cole for a very good song selection – but the singer has got to deliver and deliver she did. With this performance and no doubt further spine tingling performances to come, Rebecca and Cheryl Cole are slowly but surely booking their place in the grand final.

This is what the judges had to say about the performance:

Louis Walsh: For the people that say there’s no talent on shows like X Factor, I hope they’re watching. The standard is so high. You stand out, you’re special, amazing person, effortless vocal. You’ll definitely get a recording contract.

Dannii Minogue: What an amazing performance, you sang with soul, I love listening to you, it’s subtle, passionate, gorgeous, I just love watching you perform.

Simon Cowell: Absolutely fantastic. Seriously fantastic. Louis it’s easy to say she’ll get a recording contract but I do feel with you and you’re confidence and self esteem that you want the public to give you something, to believe in you. With everything that’s happening around the world and in the country at the moment I really feel you’d be the most incredible ambassador for our country, I really do.

Cheryl Cole: I know we had moment before we came out, I just want to thank you for having the strength to come out here. The nation was willing you on Rebecca. Got something really special and it’s an absolute pleasure to be working with you.