The X Factor 2010: Matt Cardle First Standing Ovation from X Factor Judges

Matt Cardle received the first standing ovation from all four X Factor judges on the live X Factor shows on Saturday night following is inspired rendition of ‘The First Time Ever (I saw Your Face)’ by Roberta Flack.

Matt Cardle

Matt’s emotional spine tingling performance was only equalled on the night by Rebecca Ferguson’s performance of Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’. Their performances led Simon Cowell to conclude that Saturday Night was the Matt and Rebecca show.

Dannii Minogue constantly has to defend her decision of providing Matt with songs that are written for girls. On Saturday night’s performance it seem that the strategy is paying off and may be, just may be, people might let the matter rest.

This is what the judges had to say about Matts Performance:

Louis Walsh: Another outstanding performance, the standard is so high tonight, but I think you’ve stolen the show. Every week you sing, but with you it’s all about the voice. An incredible recording voice, you’re the performer everybody has to beat. You’re unstoppable.

Cheryl Cole: That was absolutely blew me away, that was amazing, I felt every single word you said. It was spine tingling matt, I totally get it, why you‘re the favourite, beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Simon Cowell: That was completely and utterly stunning. Just stunning. You know what I was thinking this tonight. I like this group of contestants cos I like the attitude, you knew you didn’t get it right last week, you didn’t blame anyone, you acted like a man, nailed the song. Tonight this is the Mart and Rebecca show tonight,

Dannii Minogue: Now only had the audience on their feet but 4 judges. It was a perfect performance. I wish everyone at home knew the story you told me in the dressing room about why you sang that song and it’s meaning to your family. I could feel it in the performance and thank you so much.