The X Factor 2010: Wagner Bat Out Of Hell Could Wake The Dead On Halloween Night

54 year old Wagner Carillho gave what has got to be the most frightening performance ever seen on the X Factor stage on Saturday night.


He sang MeatLoaf’s Bat Out Of Hell and the classical masterpiece O Fortuna by Carl Orff in a performance that was ugly enough to wake the dead.

Mentor Louis Walsh hoped that the song would show off Wagner’s own style and his vocal prowess. But sadly for  Wagner it didn’t. However, thanks to – what I could only describe as Wanger’s cult following – he survive to fight another night.

It is clear that Louis is running out of ideas for Wagner, so surely the time is right for him to do what he is best at. If Opera is his thing, then let him do it the proper way and let the public decide if he should stay or go.

This is what the judges had to say about Wagner on Saturday.

Louis Walsh: You are the fun of the X Factor, you are the act that everyone is talking about on the street. You have your own fan club out there. I want them all to vote for you.

Dannii Minogue: Wagner, I love your Halloween costume, it’s adorable. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting that at all! It’s different.

Cheryl Cole: It was a little bit out of time, Wagner.

Simon Cowell: What the hell was that? Louis, what are you drinking? I’m not being rude, but I didn’t understand a single word. Having said that, people like you and if they vote for you I can always leave the country.