The X Factor 2010: Cheryl Lloyd Gave The Performance of Her Life On Saturday Night

Cher Lloyd gave an emotional performance of Stay by Shakespear Sisters on Saturday night that was inspired by recent family bereavement.

 Cher Lloyd

Viewers say the 17 year old in floods of tears during her performance that left most in no doubt that this performance was coming from the heart. There were no trademark rapping and dancing, it was a performance that was stripped back to show off her vocals and to tap into the emotions of the song.

On the night Simon Cowell called it the best performance of the series. Later Cher said her performance was ‘payback’ for people who doubt her.

Speaking to X Magazine Cher said: “Vocally, I thought it was my best so far. It was very, very emotional.

“It was also a bit of payback to people who have been nasty to me, and also to show people I can sing. I think I’ve proved my point now.”

This is what the judges made of her performance on the night:

Louis Walsh: Cher I don’t know why you’re crying, this was an absolutely incredible performance and tonight you proved that you really can sing, you’re not just a one trick pony rapper. That was probably the best performance of the night.

Dannii Minogue: Cher there are a couple of performers tonight that have taken the theme and not made it gimmicky and you’re definitely one of them. That was a beautiful performance. What I loved about it was that you’ve come out with a fighting spirit every week but you brought your vulnerability to the stage tonight.

Simon Cowell: I don’t agree with Louis, I don’t think that was the performance of the night. I think it was the performance of the entire season. Because you are special, you proved a point this week, you’re not somebody who just does one thing. You’re only 17 years old and that performance, by any standard, was absolutely incredible. My only criticism is that obviously Cheryl is trying to turn you into her.

Cheryl Cole: That was obviously emotional but you put every single emotion into it and we all

felt it and here’s the moment the nation gets to hear you sing. You can really really sing, it was epic, it was beautiful and I’m so proud of you tonight.

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  1. hi Cher me and my mum thought you where great you should of won the xfactor i voted for you every week we cant wait to see in you in the Music charts and we hope it will be very soon cause you have the voice lots of love Shakira xoxoxo

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