Tom Kerridge lasagne recipe on Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes

Tom Kerridge makes a tasty lasagne on Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes Old Skool Favourites recipes theme dishes.

Tom says: “Roasting your mince is what makes the real difference here; It delivers great texture and flavour.”

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes on sale at Amazon now.

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  1. Denise Prior

    PGregory – I have a recording of the best ever Lasagne – and yes I have made it and it is all he claims it will be! Making again today.
    If you really need it, message back with email address – I am happy to write recipe and email for you.

  2. randall

    hello p gregory, if you want his recipe, you need to invest in a tv recorder box thingy so you can rewind when needed to hear, see and estimate quantities to be written down by you. good for late movies or when out or when needed. by

  3. P gregory

    You try finding Tom kerridges recipe for the lasagne he made on ‘best ever dishes’ programme. Nowhere to be found! Have been round in circles.