Tom Kerridge amazing rice pudding recipe on Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes

Tom Kerridge makes an amazing rice pudding dessert on Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes.

(Recipe coming soon)

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  1. I have this recipe and cooked it up yesterday and it was delicious. I have the programme, called ‘Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes’ on my Sky planner. It was screened late 2014 but for some reason it is not on BBC iPlayer – neither the programme nor the recipe. I played the episode and there is a shot of a recipe that pops on screen for a few seconds. I took some stills of this and posted them on Photobucket
    This recipe is not quite the same as the one that Tom goes through on the show but I have made my version of it here. When I made it I missed out the chopped almonds and the mascarpone and it was as Tom describes: very warming and unctious.
    For The Rice Pudding
    50 g butter
    125 g Arborio rice
    50 g chopped almonds
    350 g almond milk (unsweetened) (or whole milk)
    450 ml double cream
    75 muscovado or soft dark brown sugar
    2 TBSP mascarpone cheese
    For The Creme Fraiche
    150 g creme fraiche
    1 TSP Ground Cinnamon
    1 TBSP Icing Sugar
    1/2 Orange zest
    For the Garnish
    1 Fresh Peach
    1 packet fresh mint (for the leaves)


    For the Rice Pudding
    Pre -heat oven to 200C and toast the rice on an oven tray for about 15 minutes.
    Heat the butter in a saucepan until it starts to smoke (beurre noisette). Add the rice and ensure it is all coated with the butter. Add the almond milk, cream and muscovado sugar and simmer on a low heat stirring all the time. Do this for about 15 minutes until the rice is gloopy.
    Just before serving add the mascarpone and stir in.
    For the Garnish
    Add the cinnamon, icing sugar and orange zest to the creme fraiche and whisk until thick.
    To Serve
    Spoon the rice pudding into bowls.
    Slice the peaches into cubes or wedges and scatter over each serving.
    Sprinkle each bowl with a few mint leaves.
    Add a dollop of the creme fraiche in the centre of each bowl.

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