Cheryl Cole Confessed That She As Not Spoke To Gamu Since Judges House

Gamu Nhengu

Cheryl Cole admitted on Piers Morgan’s Life Stroies that she has not spoken to Gamu Nhengu since she rejected her at the judges houses stage of The X Factor.

Cheryl admitted that while she still thinks she made the right decision in dropping Gamu, she hasn’t been able to call her because she doesn’t know what to say. Cheryl said:

‘I felt awful. I haven’t spoken to her since, I can’t, I don’t know what to say. “I’m sorry that I didn’t bring you forward and your life is upside down now?”‘

On claims that she rejected Gamu because of her race, Cheryl blasted:

‘Saying I was racist is ridiculous, things have become so stupid.’

The Zimbabwean singer was recently at the centre of a huge media storm, when Cheryl Cole decided not to choose her for the X Factor live shows.

 Having lived in Scotland for the last five years, Gamu’s life got even more complicated earlier this month when immigration officials refused to approve her family’s latest visa application and now she is facing the possibility of deportation back to Zimbabwe.