The X Factor 2010: Belle Amie Survive Bottom Two X Factor Sing Off

X Factor girl group Belle Amie – Rebecca Creighton, Esther Campbell, Geneva Lane and Sophia Wardman  – found themselves in the bottom two sing off on Sunday night.

 Belle Amie

Having secured the viewers vote last week it came as a surprise to the girls that they ended up in the sing off this week with Diva Fever.

Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh all opted to save the girls and therefore prevented Simon from having to make the decision  to send home one of his own acts.

Later on Twitter Sophia Wardman said they wanted to change their image on the show. She said:

“From TONIGHT we’re gona be US!! No more conforming we’re gona wear what we wana wear and be the REAL us! NEVER be someone your not xx”.

The girls came under some criticism from Dannii Minogue on Saturday regarding their styling, she said:

“I loved that version that you did but the styling didn’t work for me at all. It actually was distracting because you’re four good looking girls. Loved the dancing!”