The X Factor: Matt Cardle Pulled Off a Bruno Mars Classic On Saturday Night

Painter and Decorator Matt Cardle delivered an amazing performance of  the Bruno Mars track ‘Just The Way You Are’ on Saturday night.  He sang it ridiculously high but Matt nailed every note even though he thought he might struggle with the song on the night.

 Matt Cardle

Looking great without his cap, the judges heaped praises on him. This is what they had to say:  

Louis Walsh: Matt last week you were incredible, tonight you stole the show. That’s what I call pop music. You’ve got it all and I think that would be a number one record if it could be downloaded tonight.

Cheryl Cole: The beauty of that song is that every single girl in the country wants their boyfriend to buy them it. Great song choice and you did it really well.

Simon Cowell: Bruno Mars is one of the new talents this year, that song is incredible. I absolutely loved the production on that, you had two or three moments where you fell off but it doesn’t matter. It was genius version of the song. You remind me of Rebecca, you have the same issue which is confidence. Once you get the confidence, you’re going to actually turn out to be a brilliant recording artist.

Dannii Minogue: Matt that was amazing.I don;’t think you feel off that performance anywhere! That is one of the hardest songs that was on the stage tonight and you absolutely nailed it.