X Factor 2010: One Direction Had a Good Night On The First X Factor Live Show

One Direction

One Direction performing for only the second time as a group, did themselves justice with their rendition of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida on last nights X Factor live show.

All the boys sang reasonably well separately and when the harmonies kicked they were on the money – to use a Simon Cowell phrase. It was a very good effort from some very young and inexperienced contestants. We wish them well and will follow their every move for the rest of the competition.

Here is what the judges had to say:
Louis: I love what you did with the song, you totally made it your own. You could be the next big boyband and I’m not sure about the styling.

Dannii: You look like you fit together well. That song was fantastic and you did make it your own. The perfect pop band performance.

Cheryl: I have to agree with Dannii, you look fantastic, You have all the ingredients for the perfect pop band but you do need a little more time.

Simon: Regarding your role in putting the band together Louis, we’ll remind the tapes. You guys came together because your Bootcamp auditions weren’t good enough but too good to throw away…when one of you started to screw up, Liam stepped in and brought it back together, that’s what bands do, it was brilliant guys.