Angela Hartnett pizza bianco with spinach and taleggio cheese recipe on Food and Drink with Michel Roux Jr

Angela Hartnett joins Michel Roux Jr in the Food & Drink kitchen and shows the ‘masterchef’ how to create a pizza bianco using rich and creamy taleggio cheese. Angela tops off her pizza with anchovies, chilli and egg and serves it with a tasty salad.

For the salad Angela used: 2 heads of chicory, zest of 1 lemon, 2tsp dijon mustard, 6 tbsp olive oil, 6 tbsp red wine vinegar.

The ingredients for the pizza dough: 250g strong flour, pinch of salt, 125ml warm water, 2tsp sugar, 5g yeast, dash of olive oil for flavour.

For the topping: 250g spinach, 250g taleggio cheese, 5 anchovy fillets, garlic Chilli oil and 1 egg.

See how to prepare the spinach and taleggio cheese pizza in this video: