Tommy Banks hogget with faggots, greens and pesto recipe on Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen

Tommy Banks served up tasty hogget with faggots, greens and pesto on Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen.

The ingredients are: 1x Hogget Rack, Two Bone Section. Hogget is meat from a sheep, not a hog. It comes from an animal killed when older than a lamb, but not as old as mutton.
1x Batch Nasturtium Pesto, 1 Handful Brussels Sprouts, 50ml Fermented Mushroom Juice, 1 Handful Kale, Deep Fried Until Crispy, 6 Heads Tender Stem Broccoli, 1x Batch Fermented Turnip Puree, 30g Fermented Turnip Dice, 6x Small Nasturtium Leaves, 60ml Lamb Sauce, 20ml Minted Lamb Fat and 10g Fermented Mushroom Powder.

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