Tommy Banks hogget kofta with pickled chillies and fermented turnip recipe on Sunday Brunch

Tommy Banks served up tasty hogget kofta with pickled chillies and fermented turnip on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients for the Lamb Kofta are: 400g Lamb Mince, 130g Pork Mince, 100g Minced Lardo, 160g Minced Chicken Livers, 80g Chopped Dates, 50g Finely Diced Onions and 8g Sea Salt.

For the Herb Dressing: 30g Parsley, 30g Garlic, 30g Lovage, 250g Good Quality Olive Oil, the Juice of Half a Lemon, 50g Honey, 70g Apple juice and 10g Sesame Oil.

For the Fermented Turnip Puree: 500g Fermented Turnip, Roughly Chopped, 50g Butter and 300g Whipping Cream.

For the Lovage Yoghurt: 300g Full Fat Yoghurt and 60g Lovage Oil.

For the Pickled Chillies: 2 Green Chillies, 50g Caster Sugar, 50g White Wine and 50g White Wine Vinegar.

See recipes by Tommy in his book titled: Roots: Farm to Table Recipes from the Black Swan, a Restaurant in the English Countryside available from Amazon now.

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