Lisa Snowdon buddha bowl with salmon and chicken skewers recipe

Lisa Snowdon served up a tasty beat the bloat vegetable buddha bowl with salmon and chicken skewers on this morning.

The ingredients for the salmon skewers are: 300g salmon fillet, 3 tbsp soy sauce, Small piece of ginger, grated and 2 cloves garlic, crushed.

For the chicken skewers: 4 skinless boneless chicken thighs, chopped into small chunks, 3 tbsp soy sauce, Small piece of ginger, grated, 2 cloves garlic, crushed and Sliced Halloumi, grilled.

For the salad: 80g brown rice , 4 asparagus spears, pan fried with juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt, ⅓ of a cucumber, chopped into small chunks, 200g pomegranate seeds , Large bunch fresh mint, chopped finely, Large bunch fresh coriander, chopped finely, 2 spring onions, chopped finely, Juice of 1 lemon , 2-3 tbsp good quality olive oil, Pinch of salt , Pinch of freshly ground black pepper, Small handful unsalted pistachios, toasted and crushed and 100g feta.

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